Sunday, March 10, 2019


First sketch of 2019. :)

This is my fan art of Aladdin movie. I'm just so curious how they deal with his skin color in the movie. LOL
I use Blender and ZBrush for modeling, Substance Designer for texturing(gold and clay), Blender for rendering. Hope you like it.

Cycles render

Audi Engine - Substance Designer

Finally, squeeze some time to create my new personal work. I always wanted to make my own substance designer work. (most of my work before was for client's project, such as MHW, RE7, etc) This time, I want to create a little different material. So, here is my Audi engine. 100% substance designer. Everything here just a simple plane + substance material. Rendered by Iray and Toolbag, enjoy it. :) 


Sunday, May 20, 2018

Meet Cable

Hello there.
This is my fan art of Deadpool 2 - Meet Cable.
Hope you enjoy the movie and my artwork.

Meet Cable Skin Texture (WIP)

The first progress of skin texture.

A little different thing this time is that, no photo projection. All the textures are done inside substance painter. Almost fully procedural, the only hand painting is the mask.

I'm still tweaking the texture for now, but this way can give me a lot of flexibility for texturing. Just waiting for substance painter can fully support UDIM system in the future.

Meet Cable head modeling (WIP)

I think it's time to reveal the whole face of the Cable.

I've been working on the likeness and hair for a while. Everything still WIP, tones of stuff need to tweak. Hope I can start texture as soon as possible. Same as before, no texture for skin yet, only displacement map for now.

BTW, this is the first time I hope a movie can be released later~ LOL