Saturday, November 24, 2012

2012 demo reel

Please watch in HD mode. 

My 2012 mini demo reel. :)

雖然有點簡單,但也完成了我2012年的demo reel。:)

Monday, November 12, 2012

ys_simple_skin_phen released! (en)


Few days ago, I finished and published my personal work, "The Terminator". In this work, I try to learn lots of stuff. One is the skin shading. Now, I finished my custom mentalray skin phenomenon shader, and I am happy to share it to you guys. :)

ys_simple_skin_phen released! (tw)

之前我完成的作品 "The Terminator",在這個作品中我學到了不少東西,其中之一就是關於皮膚材質的製作。現在我完成了我自己客製化的mentalray皮膚材質,雖然仍有很多需要繼續努力的地方,但我很樂意在這邊將其分享出來給大家。 :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

How to fix mia_material_x bump bug

Hi, there.

If you are using mental ray shader in maya like mia_material_x for example, you might be notice that when you disconnect your bump node, your mia_material_x will give you a wrong result. That's because when you disconnect your bump node, the vector value of this bump parameter does not set back to zero. Even though mental ray already have write a script to fix this issue, but sometime the issue still there if you are not using the latest version(I don't know why). To fix that, you can just use a simple mel script to set the vector value back to zero.