Saturday, August 30, 2008

ZBrush 3.12!

Pixologic will be released ZBrush3.12 for Mac OS X on September 29, 2008.
Notice, this is not ZBrush3.5. This version just for Mac OS X platform, and ZBrush3.5 will be released in the fourth quarter of 2008.
woo~~ so expect!

Pixologic將於2008/9/29在Mac OS X上推出ZBrush3.12版。注意這並非是在Siggraph2008上所宣布的ZBrush3.5版。這個版本只是給Mac OS X平台用的,ZBrush3.5版將在2008年末推出。啊~~~真期待啊!

My Gallery(3D)_The king of jungle_T-Rex

Hi! This is my latest work, T-Rex. This work spend my a lot of time to finish it. I Sculpting in ZBrush, posing in Maya, a little mattepainting and compound all elements into Photoshop.
You can see a little movie that is turtable+walk circle. If you like it you can download it form
click the "Download this Video" link.
I still make a mini making of, you can see it from: or or
Hope you like it, thank you!^^

嗨!這是我最近的3D靜態作品,T-Rex。這個作品花費了我相當多的時間去完成它。我是在ZBrush中雕好模型,在Maya中擺好姿勢,以及最後用一點mattepainting和圖片在Photoshop中完成。如果各位喜歡的話也可以看到我做的一個簡單turtable+walk circle動畫:
我也製作了一個迷你的製作過程,各位有興趣的話可以到以下的地方看到; or or台灣版)

My Gallery(3D)_Save your life?

Actually, this is my first "complete" 3D still work. The monster(or spider, anyway^^) is done at ZBrush. All elements are rendered at Maya, and final composition at photoshop. Hope you like it.
(You still can see this work from


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

World of Warcraft-Wrath of the Lich King_Cinematic Trailer
The new trailer about WOW from Blizzard. I should like to commend this one to you.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Illustrator study work part 2_Woman

This is my Illustrator study work, too.
hope you like it.

Illustrator study work part 1_Keanu Reeves

This is my Illustrator study work. I used reference photo to help me complete it.


This is my drawing.
hope you like it.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


This is the second one about my Speedpainting__Morpheus. ^^ Hope you like it.
這是我的第二張Speedpainting__Morpheus. ^^希望你們會喜歡。


Hi! This is my first Speedpainting.
Speedpainting is very interesting drawing and very reality, but it is very simply, too.^^