Saturday, January 31, 2009

e-on software Vue 7 Pioneer Open Beta! (Free Download)


e-on software has Vue 7 Infinite, xStream, PLE and now--Pinoeer!
This is "Free Download" open bera version. If you want download it, you must create a "Cornucopia3D account"(go to ).
The free Open Beta of Vue 7 Pioneer has the following limitations:

  • Picture size is limited to Full HD (1920x1080) and pictures carry a Vue 7 logo*
  • Vue 7 Pioneer is for home use only. For commercial use, please consider Vue 7 Esprit or higher**
  • You cannot load 3D models***
  • Vue 7 Pioneer is provided "as is", without any technical support****.

  • * You can lift these limitations with the RenderUp module - read more here

    ** Commercial use of Vue 7 Pioneer requires that you own at least
    the RenderUp and 3DImport modules - read more here

    *** You can however load the locked content you get from Cornucopia3D, or you can create
    your own models using the Vue 7 Pioneer modeling tools - read more here

    **** If you need help, please visit the forums at for assistance from other users.

    e-on software又推出了Vue 7系列--Vue 7 Pinoeer.
    這是完全免費的Open Beta版,你可以完全免費地去下載。注意,若要下載此軟體,你必須先到 去註冊一個帳號。

    圖像大小限定在Full HD (1920x1080)並且有Vue 7 的logo。(這種大小我想一般的需求都夠了吧)
    此軟體不提供任何官方支援,若有需要,請到 去尋找幫助。

    Thursday, January 29, 2009

    Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy VII AC Complete New Trailers


    From Final Fantasy-XIII.Net: new trailer 1080p download)

    What can I say? Soooooo excited~~~~!!^^

    FFVIIAC Complete:4/6/2009 ;

    太空戰士XIII和太空戰士VIIAC Complete各發佈新的預告片,超期待的啊!

    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    Autodesk Mudbox 2009 Service Pack 1

    From Autodesk:

    Autodesk release Mudbox2009 SP1.

    In this version:
    Mudbox 2009 on Macintosh OS X;
    Improved hardware support for Ambient occlusion viewport filter;
    Extract ambient occlusion maps;
    Change the order of paint layers;
    Merge paint layers;
    Preview normal maps on a model;
    Extracted texture maps now have anti-aliasing;
    Enhanced UV tile management;
    Display textures without filtering....etc, and more bug fixed.


    NextLimit launch the "RealFlow RenderKit"


    The RealFlow RenderKit is a set of tools that has been designed to facilitate the complex task of rendering RealFlow™ fluids. The RFRK enables you to generate procedural geometry at render time, and also render individual fluid particles. As a result, the RFRK will dramatically simplify and accelerate your RealFlow™ workflow.

    FlowMesher™ generates a high-resolution polygonal mesh from RealFlow ™ PD and BIN particle files at render time. You no longer have to load heavy meshes into your 3D application - you simply load a representation of the particles as a guide for the meshing process.

    Key features:

    • Volume subdivision to obtain high resolution meshes with millions of polygons.
    • Mesh generation at render time with configurable parameters.
    • RealWave meshes can be imported, creating a single, seamless mesh with other RealFlow™ particle files.
    • A new state-of-the-art smoothing algorithm that will improve the appearance of your fluids. This algorithm will be part of the next major version of RealFlow ™ but you can use it now thanks to the RFRK.
    • Low memory usage. The RFRK only uses a small amount of memory, even when generating huge polygonal meshes. Almost all the memory on your machine will remain available so that the renderer can work without memory constraints.
    • Motion Blur is configured according to the overall scene setup. The properties of the particles can be interpolated to the vertices of the polygonal mesh.

    FlowParticler™ enables you to load millions of particles at render time quickly and easily, and feed your renderer with particle information from RealFlow™ PD and BIN particle files.

    Key features:

    • Generation of points, sprites and spheres at render time with configurable parameters.
    • The attributes of the particles are attached to these geometry primitives as primitive variables. These attributes can be accessed and used by the shaders in the renderer.
    • Motion Blur is configured according to overall scene setup.
    • Particle size can be varied in relation to distance from camera.
    • Allows random variation of particle size.
    • Multi-point technology to increase the number of particles at render time. You can use different seeds for different passes in the same simulation and boost the number of particles.
    30 days trial version:

    NextLimit發布"RealFlow RenderKit"。主要是用來處理RealFlow的Render。RealFlow是專門製作複雜流體特效的軟體,但其對電腦資源的要求也格外的高,大規模的複雜場景在處理上是有相當的難度。而RealFlow RenderKit就是號稱能夠簡化並快速地改善RealFlow的流程。同時支援RenderMan和MentalRay兩大Render engine。

    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Some making of videos about "The Curious case of Benjamin Button"

    There are some videos frome YouTube that about "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" making of.
    I feel this movie that is a very successful to combine VFX and story together. This movie give me a very strong impression. I really recommend everybody to enjoy this movie!

    我在YouTube上找到一些有關"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"的製作畫面。



    You could be mad as a mad dog
    at the way things went.

    You can swear and
    curse the fates...

    but when it comes to the end...

    you have to let go.



    Thursday, January 22, 2009

    e-on software Vue7PLE now released


    e-on software releases Vue7PLE(Personal Learning Edition).
    In this version, you can:

    • Create complete projects, save your work and export to other applications,
    • Render stills and animations without size/length limit,
    • Experience Vue’s power directly inside Max/Maya/LightWave/Cinema4D/XSI,
    • Learn at your own pace (the PLE never expires)!
    The PLE is for personal, non-commercial use only, files cannot be exchanged with other PLE users and are not compatible with other versions of Vue, renders may be watermarked and carry a logo.
    That is a good news for students or personal users...etc.

    e-on software發布了Vue7PLE版

    Tuesday, January 20, 2009

    The Making of: "World of Warcraft-Warth of the Linch King"

    From CG Channel:

    This is about "World of Warcraft-Warth of the Linch King" making of. You can see some videos and very high resolution images in this interview.


    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    The end of final exam


    Friday, January 9, 2009

    Dominance War IV are coming in!

    One 2D and 3D nine-day mini challenge will take place before and after Dominance War IV. At the end of each mini challenge, 5 top artists in each community are found by public voting and during the awards ceremony in May 2009, Mini Challenge Champions are chosen by judges and announced together with our main Dominance War IV Epic Champions!
    Start Date: February 20th

    Dominance War IV又要來了!對自己實力有信心的人可試著挑戰看看。開始日期是2009/02/20

    Wednesday, January 7, 2009

    Behind the scene: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    CG Society:

    VFX World:
    there tow links are about some making of this movie. Their making is very amazing!


    Tuesday, January 6, 2009

    Audi Q5_"Unboxed"

    This advertisement has so cool ideal. I am like it.


    Friday, January 2, 2009

    Pixologic Interview: Gears of War 2


    This is from Pixologic interview that about "Gears of War 2". There have so~~ many images! If you like this game or more information, you can visit this online interview.

    Pixologic對"Gear of War 2"的專訪,在裏頭可看到超多相關的圖片,很不錯哦。(題外話,為什麼人家可以做到這麼樣的誇張啊?)

    Funny_Jizz in my pants

    This video is another one shares to me . And I just say....
    their facial expression are so vividly!^^