Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Gallery(3D)_The king of jungle_T-Rex

Hi! This is my latest work, T-Rex. This work spend my a lot of time to finish it. I Sculpting in ZBrush, posing in Maya, a little mattepainting and compound all elements into Photoshop.
You can see a little movie that is turtable+walk circle. If you like it you can download it form
click the "Download this Video" link.
I still make a mini making of, you can see it from: or or
Hope you like it, thank you!^^

嗨!這是我最近的3D靜態作品,T-Rex。這個作品花費了我相當多的時間去完成它。我是在ZBrush中雕好模型,在Maya中擺好姿勢,以及最後用一點mattepainting和圖片在Photoshop中完成。如果各位喜歡的話也可以看到我做的一個簡單turtable+walk circle動畫:
我也製作了一個迷你的製作過程,各位有興趣的話可以到以下的地方看到; or or台灣版)

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