Sunday, November 22, 2009

Demon_Low poly preview

Here is Maya viewport realtime preview, totally are 3994 tris, 1024color map*1, 2048normal map*1.

You can see there are some uv seams in the character body, but dependent on Chidori Engine(frome Japanese company-Premium Agency ), it is pretty clean in the PS3 viewport.

這是在Maya視窗中的即時畫面,3994三角面,一張1024 color map,一張2048 normal map(可惜還沒加specular map)。

現在的畫面可以看到一些貼圖上的接縫,但是透過Chidori Engine(中文譯為千鳥引擎,來自日本Premium Agency公司),在PS3上看是很乾淨沒有接縫的。

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