Saturday, September 24, 2011

ys_misssFastSkinPassGenerator v.0.2 release(en)

ys_misssFastSkinPassGenerator v.0.2


Author: Yin Shiuan
Date: Sept 18, 2011
Platform: windows
Version: Maya2009~2012
2012/08/02 v.0.3: batch render bug fixed.

Just a little script.

The original concept is from this old thread. Actually, I don't know if there are a better solution can output render pass when you are using "misss_fast_skin_maya" shader. If you have a better way, please tell me, I will thank you very much!

One day my colleague was asked me, how can I output render passes when we are using "misss_fast_skin_maya" shader?

My initial idea was using different render layer to output separate shader passes. This method is using render layer, but not is using render pass. So I search some articles on the Internet, and find this solution. I think this is a nice way to output render pass when you are using "misss_fast_skin_maya" shader. So, I make a simple script that can give us a easy way to setup this shading network. Just one click. :)

If you discover any bugs or have any troubles, please feel free to contact me or give me some feedbacks. Thank you!

Cheers! :)

Put "ys_misssFastSkinPassGenerator.mel" in your default Maya script folder. Restart Maya, and type:


in your script editor then press Enter.

This script gives you an easy way to generate a shading network for output render passes when your are using "misss_fast_skin_maya" shader.

[How to use]:
Just select single/multiple objects that you want to output render pass, decide what pass type you want to output, than press create button. This script will automatically build a shading network and assign to your selected object(s). When you are rendering your objects, the render pass will automatically create. You can load your render pass in your render view.

*Set up in "
masterSSS" shader. "masterSSS" is your working shader!
*Remember to add your lights to the SSS render layer, otherwise you will get a black result when you are rending.
*By default, SSSTexture is save in your "C:\". If you want to change it, type new path by manually.
*Support multiple objects.


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  2. Hi Yin,
    I was wondering if you could give a few more details about how to get outputs from this. I ran the script, it worked fine and created the shading network. (i'm using this on OSX). The preview works fine, and it seems that the render passes are set up correctly, however I am getting no pass output files when batch rendering. Any ideas?

  3. Hi Yin, this appears to be an OSX issue. Works fine on Windows. I will have to take a look and see if I can tweak it to work on OSX.


  4. Hi, Thanks for your feedback.
    Now I reuploaded the new version to fix the batch render issue. You can try it again. And, please let me know what result do you get.
    Thank you. :)