Thursday, February 20, 2014

ys_GoZPlus update


I receive some feedback in the past few weeks. Now It's time to make a new update for this script.

Basically, just like normal goz function. You can keep you applied textures and uv edit result from zbrush into maya. If you apply any texture in zbrush, then ys_GoZPlus will keep your texture connection from zbrush. If you want to keep your own shading network in maya, please make sure that there are no texture applied in zbrush.

Another big point for this update is name issue.

Because zbrush goz function is based on object/file name. But sometimes zbrush will change your subtool's name automatically, or, whatever reason user changed their subtool's name. That cause undesired result. So, if your subtool's name changed, when you use ys_GoZPlus from zbrush into maya, a confirm dialog will prompt up.

This dialog tell you, your subtool object has same poly count but with a different name in maya. If you press "Yes", that mean they are the same objects, the script will automatically change your object to a new name and update your goz file. If you press "No", that mean they are not the same objects, the script will create a new goz object in your scene.

I do my best to make sure this script is stable enough. I hope this little tool can help you(and me) to get rid of some annoying and boring steps.

So, Happy ZBrushing! :)

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