Wednesday, January 21, 2015

FurryBall 4.x - Free Version

FurryBall 4.x - Free Version

FREE version is without watermark now!

You can use FurryBall FREE version for NON-Commercial use like final render.
(include evaluations, personal learning, experimentation, research, and personal images and animations)

Free version restrictions

  • the licence NEVER expires
  • free version must be activated and reactivated over internet
  • Resolution limit is Full HD (1920x1080)
  • Final output render is slowed down 3x
    (the render actually completes in the usual time, but the watermark isn’t removed until the time limit)
    (for example: If your render time is 3 min, your final render will finish in 3 min, but watermark will be removed from image after another 6 min.)
  • NO slow down for rendering in viewport
  • this version CAN'T be used for commercial purposes
  • reactivation is required after each 30 days of usage

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