Sunday, August 7, 2011

ys_MRProxyGenerator v.1.0 release(en)

ys_MRProxyGenerator v.1.0

Author: Yin Shiuan
Date: Aug 07, 2011
Platform: windows
Version: Maya2008~2012

That's really excited to release my first mel scrpt tool--"ys_MRProxyGenerator".

I study mel script by myself on the Internet in the past five weeks. That was a very difficult and painful experience. = =||| But, finally I did. I wrote my first mel script tool.

"ys_MRProxyGenerator" is a little script that gives you an easy way to generate mentalray proxy file. There are tow types of proxy files you can choice: "mipBinaryProxy" and "assemblyProxy".

Unlike traditional mentalray's assemblyProxy file, mipBinaryProxy provides a very fast way to load goemetry on demand, and gives you a batter performance to render large scenes. In my latest projet, I use mipBinaryProxy to help me a lot. But, in order to use mipBinaryProxy, the generate workflow maybe tedious, especially you need have a lot of proxy files.

So, that's why I wrote this script tool. :)

Although this script is an immature version(my first script, sorry), it works fine for me. If you discover any bugs or have any troubles, please feel free to contact me or give me some feedbacks. Thank you!

Cheers! :)


Put "ys_MRProxyGenerator.mel" in your default Maya script folder. Restart Maya, and type:


in your script editor then press Enter.


*This script just for polygon only.
*You can combine multiple objets to become your source mesh, but it recommand that "DON'T DO IT" when you are using mipBinaryProxy.
*It recommand that put your source mesh in the default position(0,0,0) and freeze it transformations.
*When you are using mipBinaryProxy, make sure your source mesh is above your proxy mesh in the outliner window, and make sure it is visible.(This is not my script limitation, this is mipBinaryProxy's rule.)


Special thanks: Eva, Mile

Yin Shiuan

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