Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NextLimit launch the "RealFlow RenderKit"


The RealFlow RenderKit is a set of tools that has been designed to facilitate the complex task of rendering RealFlow™ fluids. The RFRK enables you to generate procedural geometry at render time, and also render individual fluid particles. As a result, the RFRK will dramatically simplify and accelerate your RealFlow™ workflow.

FlowMesher™ generates a high-resolution polygonal mesh from RealFlow ™ PD and BIN particle files at render time. You no longer have to load heavy meshes into your 3D application - you simply load a representation of the particles as a guide for the meshing process.

Key features:

  • Volume subdivision to obtain high resolution meshes with millions of polygons.
  • Mesh generation at render time with configurable parameters.
  • RealWave meshes can be imported, creating a single, seamless mesh with other RealFlow™ particle files.
  • A new state-of-the-art smoothing algorithm that will improve the appearance of your fluids. This algorithm will be part of the next major version of RealFlow ™ but you can use it now thanks to the RFRK.
  • Low memory usage. The RFRK only uses a small amount of memory, even when generating huge polygonal meshes. Almost all the memory on your machine will remain available so that the renderer can work without memory constraints.
  • Motion Blur is configured according to the overall scene setup. The properties of the particles can be interpolated to the vertices of the polygonal mesh.

FlowParticler™ enables you to load millions of particles at render time quickly and easily, and feed your renderer with particle information from RealFlow™ PD and BIN particle files.

Key features:

  • Generation of points, sprites and spheres at render time with configurable parameters.
  • The attributes of the particles are attached to these geometry primitives as primitive variables. These attributes can be accessed and used by the shaders in the renderer.
  • Motion Blur is configured according to overall scene setup.
  • Particle size can be varied in relation to distance from camera.
  • Allows random variation of particle size.
  • Multi-point technology to increase the number of particles at render time. You can use different seeds for different passes in the same simulation and boost the number of particles.
30 days trial version:

NextLimit發布"RealFlow RenderKit"。主要是用來處理RealFlow的Render。RealFlow是專門製作複雜流體特效的軟體,但其對電腦資源的要求也格外的高,大規模的複雜場景在處理上是有相當的難度。而RealFlow RenderKit就是號稱能夠簡化並快速地改善RealFlow的流程。同時支援RenderMan和MentalRay兩大Render engine。

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