Saturday, January 31, 2009

e-on software Vue 7 Pioneer Open Beta! (Free Download)


e-on software has Vue 7 Infinite, xStream, PLE and now--Pinoeer!
This is "Free Download" open bera version. If you want download it, you must create a "Cornucopia3D account"(go to ).
The free Open Beta of Vue 7 Pioneer has the following limitations:

  • Picture size is limited to Full HD (1920x1080) and pictures carry a Vue 7 logo*
  • Vue 7 Pioneer is for home use only. For commercial use, please consider Vue 7 Esprit or higher**
  • You cannot load 3D models***
  • Vue 7 Pioneer is provided "as is", without any technical support****.

  • * You can lift these limitations with the RenderUp module - read more here

    ** Commercial use of Vue 7 Pioneer requires that you own at least
    the RenderUp and 3DImport modules - read more here

    *** You can however load the locked content you get from Cornucopia3D, or you can create
    your own models using the Vue 7 Pioneer modeling tools - read more here

    **** If you need help, please visit the forums at for assistance from other users.

    e-on software又推出了Vue 7系列--Vue 7 Pinoeer.
    這是完全免費的Open Beta版,你可以完全免費地去下載。注意,若要下載此軟體,你必須先到 去註冊一個帳號。

    圖像大小限定在Full HD (1920x1080)並且有Vue 7 的logo。(這種大小我想一般的需求都夠了吧)
    此軟體不提供任何官方支援,若有需要,請到 去尋找幫助。

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