Friday, August 7, 2009

Mudbox 2010 Plugins:MudWalker & ReLight

Wayne Robson show off his new plugins for Mudbox in

MudWalker is a free Plug-in developed by Wayne Robson that allows you to easily send your model, textures or screenshots to other applications with a signle click. MudWalker was tested at Pixar to assure it worked will in production pipelines
It's free to all freelance artists and companies with less than 5 artists(of any type).

'ReLight' allows you to, in a single click, sned all the passes that you need to After Effects CS 4 to allow you to achieve normal relighting in real time. It makes use of Stefen Minings 'Normality' plug-in for After Effects and is easy to setup a rel time production render in a few minutes. Great for testing out how your model will look in it's final scene.

These tow plugins are very powerful to integrate different softwares. Looks like very cool but very similar zbrush concept, too.^^

Mudbox2010即將上市,Wayne Robson在此推出Mudbox2010的兩個Plugins:
MudWalker & ReLight。



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