Monday, August 3, 2009

Pixologic Release: PaintStop plugin for Windows3.1 and MacOSX3.2


Pixologic released new plugin for ZBrush3.1(PC) and 3.2(Mac) and this plugin is called "PaintStop".

This plugin is focused on to simulate a real 2D painting effects. You can choose many type of real world art tools, like Charcoals, Pencils, Erasers, Pastels, Markers, Air Brushes, Inks, Water Colors, Oils, Gouache, Smudge, Color Blend, Palette Knife, Blur, Sharpen, Dodge, Burn, Saturate, Clone.

PaintStop will configure your user interface and settings. In addition to the many brushes, pencils, and paints that are available in PaintStop, you can choose from a variety of different canvas types to change the look and feel of your final piece.

Pixologic釋出"PaintStop"這一新plugin給ZBrush3.1(PC) & 3.2(Mac)。



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