Saturday, November 22, 2008

Heavy Monster Project(WIP)_ZBrush Sculpting

emmm~~ Look like become mini making of~~(ha ha!)
Ok! When finished retopology, UV edit, then, go back to ZBrush. Sculpting will beginning!
This is my character sculpting. Because my computer is a notebook(old type), so~~~, when I sculpt to higher level, that is so~~~slow, therefore Lv6 is my computer limit.
In ZBrush, I sculpt structure, muscle, skin, scar...etc. In this stage, that is very freedom for me^^. ZBrush is an amazing software!
When every parts are finished, then I generate some textures of my character, yes, that is, normal map and displacement map. I still draw a basic color map by freehand(use PolyPaint), and then go to Photoshop to finish it. In this project, normal mapping is very important for me.

Ok! 當在Maya中完成重新佈線以及展UV的工作之後,就要再回到ZBrush中進行雕塑的工作了。
由於我的電腦是舊型筆電,所以當雕到較高的level之後就開始變得很~~~~慢很~~~~慢,因此Lv6就是我的極限啦。在ZBrush的製作模型階段,真的是很自由。我在此製作了角色的結構、肌肉、皮膚、傷痕等等細節。每一個部分通通都雕好之後,就要開始輸出我所要用的貼圖了,沒錯,normal map 和 displacement map。在此次的project中這兩個貼圖(尤其normal map)對我是非常重要的。另外,我還手繪了color map的基本底色(使用PolyPaint),接下來就是到Photoshop中去完成它了。


  1. 看了你的作品後 真的覺得你做的很棒 ^^ 感覺你應該從國外唸書回台灣的吧? 相信你現在應該有找到工作了 加油^^

  2. 謝謝,不過我並沒有到國外唸過書,我一直待在台灣呢。^ ^