Friday, February 13, 2009

Free CrazyBump for layoff victims

Original posted by Ryan Clark from Polycount:

Hey all,

Recent weeks have seen friends of mine hit by layoffs and studio closures. The situation kinda sucks. Despite record profits, this is a hard time to find work in our industry.

I can't fix the job situation, but I can offer some small help to the affected artists. If you find yourself laid off from a studio, drop me an email. I'll provide a CrazyBump license to use until you find a new gig.

Please pass the message to anyone who might benefit from it.

peace out,



Ryan Clark願意提供CrazyBump這套軟體的license給因經濟不景氣而找不到工作的人使用,直到找到固定的工作為止。有意的人可以E-mail給他。



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