Saturday, February 21, 2009

Open beta for Turtle 5.0 released


Long time no upgrade. Illuminate Labes announce their new version of Turtle.
Turtle is a rendering plugin for Maya. It is a very fast and quickly for rendering, and now, is for fifth generation.

許久沒有跟新版本的Turtle,Illuminate Labes現在終於宣布Turtle 5.0的Open beta版。
Turtle是一個for Maya的render引擎外掛。他標榜著"時間就是金錢"(Time is money!)的宣傳口號,以快速render著名。自4.0版本後,逐漸將軟體定位在遊戲製作上,尤其是在bake各式各樣的textures,而5.0看來依舊是強化這一點。畢竟品質面仍舊有mentalray這類的巨人擋在前面,不如換條跑道。

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